Best Summer Camp Ideas for kids

There can be a number of summer camp courses and activities that can be planned for the children, including summer math camps. These activities focus on learning through performance.

1. Storytelling

Encourage creativity among the kids. Let them write their story ideas on a piece of paper, then fold them up and put them in a jar. Ask the other group of students to pick a sheet and show their theatrical skills. Another thing in the same process is encouraging students to read and recite stories in a manner filled with drama and emotions.

2. Indoor games

There are a number of indoor games that encourage various kinds of learning for a child. These indoor games range from ludo, snakes and ladders, monopoly, counting sticks, building bricks, etc. There are a number of games which help children to develop their mathematical and other skills also like sudoku, ken ken, crosswords, tangrams, etc.

3. Painting

Colouring and painting are the most loved activities among children. Encourage them to sit in a place that will foster creativity and help them draw things related to nature. In the due course, teach them more about colors, objects, and figures, etc.

4. Scavenger hunt

This is an activity wherein kids are encouraged to find all the items which are mentioned on a list in the minimum time span. This game helps them to develop their decision-making abilities. It is also loved because it is a kind of treasure hunt.

Summer camp ideas for Class 3-Class 5

1. Creating a diary

Having a daily diary is one of the best habits that a person can develop. Summertime is one of the best times to start with this fun activity. Maintaining a daily diary will help the child to understand more about themselves and will also keep them boosted to do better the next time.

2. Imbibe Practicality

Students who are in this standard are very much open to creativity and learning. Therefore, it is encouraged that they are shown different practical aspects of topics which they learn in the school during the summertime. For example, they can be asked to add up the total shopping bills, understand fractions through paper folds, understanding patterns by visualizing various objects, etc.

3. Comic Strip

By this standard, students already learn about thinking and drawing. Therefore, they can be encouraged to display their stories in the form of a comic strip which will facilitate both learning and creating along with visualization.


As seen above, there can be a varied range of activities for different age groups which can be performed during the summertime. You can easily find the summer camp details on a number of websites. These summer camp courses will encourage your child to stay positive and develop the spirit of learning and competitiveness.

At Cuemath, our summer camps are of 12 hours which is divided into 12 sessions. Visit our website to enroll for the Math Summer Camp. It includes a number of assignments, fun activities, and math activities. We also teach our students coding activities which are an add on to the mathematics activities. These coding activities are divided into six online activities and six offline activities. All these activities are conducted at our Cuemath centers either on tablets or on pen and paper.

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