Best gift card options for kids

Are you looking for a gift card to give your kid? That can be a hard thing to do. It’s not as easy as giving them cash — but we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite gift cards for kids and tweens. From restaurants to clothing, gaming and music, there’s a great option on this list for the young person on your shopping list.

Spotify or Apple Music gift card

Spotify and Apple Music are great for kids who love music. You can create playlists that include or exclude certain artists or songs, so you can make sure your kids are exposed to the right stuff. If they’re not big on listening to music on their own, this is also a good way to help them get started—you can find recommendations tailored just for them.

Spotify and Apple Music give you access to millions of songs across all genres. If your child has a specific musical taste (and really any age) there will definitely be something for them here—and if not? There’s always room for growth.

Amazon gift card

Amazon gift cards for kids are a great option. They can be used to purchase a wide range of items, including books, toys, clothes and electronics. You can also use them to buy music, movies and games or even food and drinks.

Amazon gift cards are available in a variety of denominations from $10 up to $1 million dollars! For example, a $50 Amazon gift card would cost you about $45 when purchasing through some retailers like Target or Best Buy (plus shipping).

Build-A-Bear gift card

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a popular store for kids to make their own stuffed animals. They can choose from several options, including the animal’s fur colour and eye colour, as well as accessories like clothes or hats.

Gift cards are available in a variety of denominations, and they’re available at Build-A-Bear stores or online.

Walmart gift card

If you’re looking for the best gift card option for your child, consider a Walmart gift card.

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer and sells almost everything you can imagine—from groceries to clothes, tools and toys. You can purchase a gift card from Walmart in any amount you want and get it delivered straight to their door. Or if you would rather give one in person, find an 800-gallon tank of water when they least expect it.

Cheesecake Factory gift card

The Cheesecake Factory gift card is a great option for anyone who loves the restaurant but doesn’t want to bother with picking out an exact amount. You can order it online and send it to someone, or you can just give the recipient a physical card that you bought at their nearest location. Besides the flexibility of being able to add any amount of money to your gift card.

Xbox Live gold membership

Xbox Live Gold is a paid subscription service available on the Xbox One console that gives access to online multiplayer games; online video and music services; TV & movies; special deals and discounts on games, movies and more. It also allows you to play certain games offline with friends who don’t have an Xbox One console.

If your child loves playing video games online but doesn’t currently have an Xbox One console, they can use their gift card to buy one or they can buy an older model Xbox 360 with one of these cards instead!


Although you may think your child wants a gift card to their favourite shopping destination, they’re most likely dreaming of something a little more exciting.

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