Best Free Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Small business owners usually do not have the budget or time for expensive marketing strategies, perfect as big companies. It would help to focus on less expensive options that do not take much time to maintain, like self-creation. The social network is different because it is more interactive. Every post opens up a conversation, so it is an excellent channel to connect with your fans and build a trusting relationship with these SEO tools for small businessesBusiness owners can easily conversant with their customers through social media.

Page Speed Insights:

Page speed Insights is the best free tool for digital marketers provided by Google, designed to help developers improve their web pages faster. Analyzes your web page content, image usage, and other factors to determine where you can improve the speed of your site. It identifies potential problems with site speed, such as overloading images, large file sizes, and HTML code that may not work properly. It offers suggestions to help speed up your site, such as cluttering images, clearing disused CSS, and improving server response time.

Google Stats Analytics:

It is a free marketing service that shows us how a website or app works. By showing you how many people came to your website, how often they visited, how long they stayed, and what they did there. You can answer questions like these: Do people find the information I am looking for? Can visitors get what they want quickly? Are the pages on my website too long? If the user leaves, is it possible to return? You can also apply different discounts on premium versions.

Google Search Console:

Google Search Console, or GSC, provides website owners and developers tools to improve website visibility in Google searches. Website administrators using GSC can track links to their site, identify slow-loading pages, identify which pages Google is targeting, and scan for malware or viruses. The GSC interface offers several search options, including a list of search results, top queries, and search queries. Therefore, GSC is considered one of the free SEO tools to know how to improve website traffic and visibility.


XML Sitemap Generator creates a sitemap to send it to the Google search console. It is the best free tool for digital marketers, making it easy to build a site map. XML Sitemaps is an XML-based protocol for informing search engines about websites or web application URLs. Search engines use it to index pages and index their value. lets you generate an XML site map for your website and submit it to search engines. The program also generates an HTML site map, which web admins can use to make their website easier.

Woo-Rank Website Update:

When you search for websites on the web, you have two main options. You can use Google or Bing, which uses algorithms to determine where your website will be hosted. And for each website, the results are very different. It is because, from now on, Google and Bing will use only standard algorithms. Although, we suspect that these search engines will incorporate people-selected content into their ranking algorithms in the future.

Google SERP Preview Tool:

Google’s search engine algorithm is confidential, but Google’s SERP Preview Tool helps website owners to preview their search results page before it goes live. This tool is available to anyone when you use Google Chrome. It would be best to press the sequence key Ctrl + Shift + P in your browser to open the SERP Preview Tool.

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