Best Dedicated Server Hosting UK Picks 2022

Buying a dedicated server hosting UK is a big decision. Since you are not sharing it with any person or organization, it is not much budget-friendly. Also, in many cases, it is very tricky to identify if right now is the perfect moment to switch from shared or VPS hosting to dedicated hosting. 

You should take some time to think if a dedicated server hosting UK makes sense for your budget and your business. This article will not only discuss the situations when you should switch to dedicated hosting, but also tell you about two best options when it comes to choosing the dedicated server. 

Should I Buy a Dedicated Server Hosting Solution?

There are four key reasons why you should buy a dedicated server.:

  • Highest Level of Privacy

Just a physical separation of your server from others comes with a great privacy level. Privacy could be a key concern in a number of cases. You may have to take the backup of confidential data, or run an application which has the billing and personal information of your clients. 

VPS hosting is also safe but the negligence of someone else can put your website at stake. But when you have a dedicated server hosting the UK, you are not left at the mercy of others. You have full freedom to control any potential threats.

  • Ability to Configure the Server Any Way You Choose

The best thing about dedicated servers is that you never have to compromise during the configuration. No one else is sharing a server with you. Set it up the way you want and install the operating system you want. Also you are authorized to decide what to use the server for. You can use it for applications, data storage, and web hosting plans.

  • Stable and Predictable High Performance

If your website sees high levels of traffic, you will want to use a dedicated server to ensure high performance. In addition to isolating your services onto one server, a dedicated server has a higher performance level than a VPS hosting service. For example, VPS servers start at 2GB of RAM, whereas dedicated servers start at 4GM of RAM. A Best Bio for Telegram for your profile is a very important thing while using social media. Just like Instagram and Whatsapp, a Telegram profile also needs a Bio to describe your personality.

The Best Dedicated Server Hosting UK

  • TheEmailShop

Drop a message to TheEmailShop team if you want high-quality and powerful servers that do not disturb your budget. The robust servers will help you make your business process mature and set your brand as an authority in the industry. 

TheEmailShop offers top-tier server hosting that boosts your revenue and pace up your business growth.

There is a 50% discount on all five security plans. For instance,  Starter Lite is the cheapest plan. It features XEON E3 Family Processor, 500 GB HDD SSD Storage, 8 GB RAM, Unmetered Bandwidth, and 100% Infrastructure Uptime. All you have to pay is £ 30.97 monthly. 

All features multiply when you upgrade to the ultimate package which is the most expensive one. You get 2 TB HDD Storage + 1 TB SSD, 64 GB RAM, unmetered bandwidth, and 100% Infrastructure Uptime. 

TheEmailShop has data centers in the UK. Their immense potential is utilized to serve you. In addition, the robust automation backup solutions secure every precious entity. All your imperative data like web content, email messages, and databases, become totally safe. Many tasks become almost straightforward. You can restore points and backup encryptions. Moreover, you can make encrypted links. 

TheEmailShop shows amazing diversity when it comes to managed server support facilities. Also, the teams put in their best efforts to offer you with the best dedicated server hosting with excellent security and comprehensive control. 

Whichever you plan you sign yo for, you will enjoy the high availability cluster, 24*7 technical support, and server monitoring. 

  • Grid Hosting

Grid Hosting makes online store, or website management very easy with its impeccable hosting solutions that meet all industry standards. Experts have introduced hourly backup features as information security is one of the most paramount concerns in today’s competitive business landscape. Using the highly-optimized solutions of Grid Hosting, many customers have said that the efforts reflect in the solutions. 

Security and stability lead to a great web hosting environment that features 99.9% uptime with the help of high-standard hardware. That is why you can just sit down and relax since your website will never be down.  The free trial of 45 days is one of the best pros.

Grid Hosting can claim to be an authority in the market, due to their certifications from renowned institutions. Grid Hosting has certified data centers in the UK, so it is impossible for them to provide lesser than up-to-the-mark services, both in terms of durability and flexibility. Certified results in transparent policies. Hence, the customers see generous money-back guarantees we have just talked about. 

You have complete control over server configuration, so you can easily make it align with your vision and achieve your goals. The hosting package enables you to automate a lot of processes.

Well-written security algorithms ensure the safety of your valuable data and insights. There can be any sensitive information that has to be inaccessible for outsiders. It could be online content, emails, databases, etc.

Buy Grid Hosting and there will never be any tension of sluggish pages and expensive downtime. The servers are optimized for high-speed networks, That is why tackling all incoming traffic with no downtime is not a big deal for them.

Minecraft Dedicated Server Hosting uk

Yes, Grid Hosting allows you to start your gaming server with your Minecraft community in a short time, at budget-friendly rates. It also provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you enjoy a smooth and lag-free gaming experience with your Minecraft tribe. In addition, live chat support is available all the time. 

Since they provide full FTP access, you can easily manage your plugins and server files. Moreover, a fast and easy-to-use cPanel makes every management aspect super easy. Enjoy the best Minecraft dedicated server hosting UK  at budget-friendly prices. 

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