Bathroom Remodeling Trends Of 2022

Bathrooms are sometimes forgotten because they are not as attractive (or Instagram-worthy) as other areas of the house. But, hey, why not? Bathrooms, after all, are rooms that everyone uses, so their design is just as vital as, say, a comfortable living room. It’s time for you to invest in a quality bathroom renovation this year. So, if 2022 is the year you finally decide to upgrade yours, here’s what you will need to know:


  1. Plants in abundance

Biophilia is a bathroom interior design trend that we expect to continue. You may create a tranquil spa-like retreat in the bathroom by using a biophilic approach and styling it with a variety of natural materials such as houseplants and pampas grass.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, more time spent at home has meant a need to feel connected to nature as a way to reduce stress and anxiety, so being able to retreat into a relaxing space that has been beautifully dressed with plants can allow you to feel nurtured. We frequently use plants for styling our interiors, not only to provide a focal point to punctuate a space, but also to improve air quality within the home.


  1. Murals with a View

Bathrooms are no longer limited to clinical all-white walls and a modern aesthetic. Even individuals who prefer clean lines and modern bathrooms are getting increasingly comfortable with vibrant patterns on walls and in small alcoves. Color, detailed murals, and hand-drawn images will be added to bathrooms and powder rooms to create spa-like sanctuaries for the homeowners themselves to relax, unwind in, and admire every day.


  1. Opulent Fixtures

In the bathrooms of 2022, marble is not the only thing that will be luxurious. In the realm of bath design, calm and quiet will reign supreme, but those characteristics will be complemented with opulent finishes and eye-catching storage elements. What are the most crucial design components to include? Plumbing fixtures will become less ornamental and more eye candy with an excess of tile work, while a balance of bright, natural hues will give these spaces that serene, getaway vibe.


  1. Texture Combinations

The bathroom trend for 2022 will be combining colors, textures, and materials. In the past, we have seen minimalist and monolithic tones in bathrooms, but in 2022, instead of the plain solid colors we have seen in the last five years, we will witness projects with glass meshed with sandwich mirrors, textured wall coverings, and movement inside the space.


  1. Natural Resources

That does not rule out the use of more minimalist palettes, but natural elements will make neutral environments feel cozier. To let in the fresh air and let the sun fall on textured tile, stone, and wood, bathrooms should now be clean but not clinical. These rooms should be simple but spacious, secluded but still connected. A ‘Jack and Jill’ bath, for example, can be set up as separate facilities on opposite sides of a common shower.

In conclusion, investing in a bathroom remodel is something you should think about doing asap.


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