A Guide on Things you Need to Know if Your Leased Car is Damaged in Nevada State

Having a leased car involved in an accident causes a lot of anxiety and stress among the lessees. It comes with the burden of lease agreement terms and insurance hassles.

The leased car companies in Nevada are used to a common query. “I have wrecked my leased car, what am I supposed to do?” Each company has its guidelines on the issue.

This article takes you through the broad contours of procedures involving wrecked leased cars in Nevada state.

Let’s begin!

A bit about Nevada state jurisdiction

There are two things to understand about Nevada motor vehicle jurisdiction.

  • Being a fault state, Nevada’s laws require the driver responsible for the crash to pay compensation to all the victims.
  • Nevada state mandates a minimum insurance cover to all the motorists on the road for bodily injury liability and property damage.

Things to know about leased cars and insurance

  1. The lease agreement specifies the amount of insurance needed. Any violation of the term can land the lessee in a lawsuit or cancel the lease agreement.
  2. Insurance coverage is applicable only when the crash is not due to the negligence of the insurance holder but by another driver.
  3. An insurer writes off the vehicle as a total loss if the repair charges exceed the value of the car by more than 65%.
  4. Insurance gap coverage can cover the gap between the lease amount to be paid and the value of the car.

It has been noticed that the lessee might end up paying more money for a leased car than an own car for wreckage. Hence, dealing with leased car wrecks is considered a challenge.

Is professional legal aid helpful?

A Nevada-based leased car accident attorney can provide the most relevant legal aid in the case.

  • A Nevada-based attorney is well-versed with the state laws related to fault and insurance.
  • The lessee can get help in understanding the jargon in the lease agreement about insurance.
  • The lessee needs to establish that the accident was not caused by his/her fault. An experienced attorney can provide sound advice about it.
  • The attorney can vigorously argue to obtain the maximum compensation possible under the lease terms.
  • The attorney is well placed to deal with the seasoned legal tactics of the insurance companies to ensure a fair settlement.

Concluding thoughts

Dealing with a leased car accident alone can be a daunting task for the lessee. Seeking professional legal help can reduce the liability of the lessee to manageable levels. If you have done your Driving Lessons in Calgary then It’ll also be a plus for you as you are a certified driver.

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