A Brief Look at Fashion and Outdoor Camping Gear

Outdoor camping gear and hiking wear have started to become the new luxury fashion choice in today’s modern trends. High-end brands are even developing clothing lines that specifically cater to outdoor wear enthusiasts.

Though many people still prefer mid-tier brands, this phenomenon is a testament to how the fashion industry is steadily leaning towards the outdoor lifestyle. 

In the early 21st century, it would be impossible to imagine outdoor camping gear to be synonymous with haute couture standards. High-end fashion is centered around aesthetic design while outdoor wear is mostly about practicality and durability.

Interestingly, in today’s fashion industry, these two different concepts managed to merge into one subgenre and penetrate the industry of luxury wear.  

Outdoor camping gear has also made its way into different categories of streetwear. The big and bulky aesthetic it typically features has somehow managed to capture the attention of many fashion enthusiasts and big companies are jumping on the bandwagon to supply the demand.

Read on as we discuss 3 must-haves of outdoor fashion, as well as some of the popular high-tech materials outdoor companies utilize today.

Outerwear is a Necessity 

Different types of outerwear such as windbreakers or insulated jackets have become a fashion staple for outdoor wear. Choosing the right type of outerwear that suits your style is the most ideal way to elevate your overall outfit.

Today, the popular vibrant color scheme and paneling styles of the 80s and 90s are the latest trends. While is why companies that market outdoor camping gear use this as an opportunity to produce merchandise with a similar style.

Companies also utilize different technologies to develop high-tech fabric materials which can cater to various types of applications.

Whether it’s for a casual day running errands or a high-intensity trek up a mountain, modern outdoor camping gear is engineered to keep up with your active lifestyle. Here are some examples of commonly used materials in high-tech outdoor wear:

  • Gore-Tex
  • PrimaLoft Bio
  • eVent
  • Polartec
  • Cordura

Footwear and Accessories 

In today’s outdoor fashion, footwear and accessories can act as a way to accentuate your overall aesthetic. Accessories like beanies, utility belts, and backpacks are some of the main staples of outdoor wear. Footwear, on the other hand, can either be a variety of boots or trail runners. 

Just like outerwear, many shoe companies are taking advantage of the marketability of big and bulky footwear. They also try to utilize the latest technologies when it comes to shoe manufacturing to keep up with the rise in public demand for high-performance outdoor camping gear.


When it comes to pants, the outdoor fashion trend seems pretty straightforward. Cargo pants or trekking pants are the most common choices among avid outdoor enthusiasts. Most hiking pants have utility pockets that can come in handy in any situation. 

Brands that offer outerwear camping gear also offer a wide range of colors, and some even have a paneling structure that can be of different colors. Hiking pants also typically offer a much baggier fit for maximum comfort and performance no matter the activity. 

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