7 Ways to Divert Traffic to Your Blog in 2022

Blogging is the most creative work to do. But sometimes it can become hectic for a person. Once you will be prone to the benefits of blogging, you’ll realize that your blog may have a huge influence on the business. 

You can gain influence by driving traffic to your website, helping you in building a social media following, and leaving an impact on customers and prospects alike. Here are the few points that will help you engage better and greater traffic on your blogs in 2022. 

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Keep the consistency in posting 

According to studies, the more often you publish your blog posts, the better traffic it will start gaining. Google prioritizes websites with fresh information, so update your blog posts at least 2 times a week if you want to receive more exposure from the search engines.

Write long blog posts 

Through many articles skimming, I concluded that if you write long blog posts it will help you gain traffic. The reason behind this is that it consists of many keywords. If you write short blog posts, you will have a certain number of keywords that will show your article or blog in limited sections. 

Whereas if you go long, it will consist wide variety of keywords and will be shown in various search sections. For better reach, make sure your keywords are being utilized. 

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Keep your hands on hot or unique topics 

 So, here comes your search skills handy. If you will know about your niche, you will be aware of the topics that are mostly in demand. Similarly, you will also be aware of the untouched topics. 

So, always keep your hands on the topics that are not used but the famous topics, they have some connections. That way if they search for a common topic, they will get your blog beside it. 

Attach accessories to the topic 

Through several studies and articles information, I got to know that your article gets a great approach if you will add photos, links, videos, and graphics. Well, it is understood that graphics attract people.

So, try to add animation or give the virtual presentation to the blog through an attractive mix of colors that will be visible to every type of person including old ages and color blinds.  

Social media is a go-to way 

Share each blog post on social networking platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp groups & Pinterest. Social networking platforms can become a major source of traffic engagement if you invest time nurturing your networks and sharing outstanding content. 

Make guest posts.

Find other sites that have a similar readership to yours and volunteer to contribute guest post articles and blogs. If the website has a large readership, you can expect that people will want to interact with even more your material.

Allow the option of sharing with friends.

Make sure to enable resharing buttons for social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and the other famous social sites at the top and bottom of your blog posts. Make it as simple as possible for readers to share the message. and give your friends and family permission to reshare your blogs in their community. 

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