6 Pros and Cons of PC Gaming You Need to Know

When it comes to PC gaming, different people seem to hold different views. Some consider it superior to Console gaming while others seem to find so many drawbacks to it. When a beginner gamer sees all these varied viewpoints, it becomes quite hard for such a person to come to a satisfactory decision.
Keeping all this in mind, we have come up with some of the main pros and cons of PC gaming that will show you clearly why PC gaming is a great option and what makes it a bit less efficient for some gamers.

So, let’s take a look into some advantages and disadvantages of PC gaming to give you all the information that you need to make your choice.
1. Customization is Possible
One thing that consoles do not give you is the freedom of Customization. You can choose the size, color, and shape of your gaming PC. Its storage, input accessories, and display are also Customizable.

You can use any mouse, controller, or Keyboard for PC gaming based on your comfort and ease. All these great features come quite in handy when playing games like PUBG, poe ascendancy classes, etc and they increase your efficiency greatly.
2. Larger Game Library
Almost every game that you play on a console has versions that you can play on PCs. Apart from that, every year hundreds of exclusive PC games are released as well.

This means if you go with PC gaming you will not be restricted to playing only a few games from a certain franchise. The possibilities are literally huge in terms of genres. PC gamers get to enjoy Xbox, Nintendo, as well as PlayStation games as well which gives them so much variety unlike consoles
3. Backwards Compatibility
PCs can run even the oldest version of your favorite games which is something that most consoles lack. No matter how upgraded your PC is you can install the old versions of the games from the early 2000s and late 90s and get a taste of nostalgia at any time.
Most consoles are not Backwards compatible which means you cannot run the previous versions of the games you used to play as a kid and with PCs you never run into this sort of issue ever.


  • They Are Expensive

Gaming PCs are quite expensive and if you wish to upgrade your experience, you will have to spend even more. The hardware of gaming PCs often needs repairs and maintenance which costs you a lot.

A typical gaming PC starts from about $400. PCs in this range have limited power as well as storage. To run games like path of exile uberlab you need much higher specifications and that can lead to a much higher price.

  • They are Complex

PCs are multi purpose and not just gaming-specific and that is what makes them a little complex. You need to learn how to install the games, troubleshoot in case they crashe, and connect several accessories and their related drivers, etc.

All this can be a little tricky for you if you are someone who is just looking to play his favorite games without having to go through unnecessary trouble.

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  • High Maintenance Required

Unlike consoles, you need to be extremely careful while gaming on your PCs. There are a lot of complicated parts and wiring and if you somehow damage even a single thing, the entire system stops working.

You have to be careful while connecting controllers, installing apps to support input accessories, and using random games that you install from questionable free online sources. Consoles on the other hand need minimum maintenance and are extremely easy to learn and take care of.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the pros and cons of pc gaming that every gamer needs to know. You can compare both of these and determine which one you think tops the other.

On the whole, PC gaming gives you the best experience due to its high build quality and customization features. We really hope this information helps you decide whether PC gaming is a wise choice for you or not and we wish you lots of luck.

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