5 Types of Photo Frames: A Quick Guide 

Framing memories has been done for centuries, but back then, it wasn’t as easy as it is now. Today, buying a photo frame online is just a click away, and the variety of styles and shapes is almost limitless.  

When you get your pictures developed, you want to get them back in your hands as soon as possible. However, you also want to make sure that they are protected. You might not think so at first, but a photo frame can significantly impact the way your pictures are protected. 

So, this guide will look at the different types of photo frames, the benefits they can have on your pictures, and the different ways that you can use them to personalise your home. 

  • Collage Frames 


If you want to show off a variety of different images in one place, you’ll need a collage photo frame.  

Collage frames can accommodate anywhere between three to thirty images. However, there is no limit, and if you have a considerable amount of space to cover, you might be able to find a collage frame that can accommodate all the more. 

A collage frame is a cheaper substitute for purchasing several individual photo frames, and it can accommodate entirely unconnected photos. However, most people choose a collection of photographs to go in a collage frame to have a consistent pattern. 

  • Floating Frames 


Acrylic or glass is used to create a floating frame, supported by another piece of acrylic or glass. And since you can look straight through the frame to anything behind it, such as a painted wall or your wallpapers, the object you’re framing appears to be floating on the wall. 

These often give a space a highly modern vibe and complement minimalistic homes. They can also maintain the style neutral by not adding additional colours or designs to the frames. 

  • Poster Frames 


A poster frame, which is often broad and rectangular, demonstrates a poster or a massive piece of art. The attention is on the artwork; thus, poster frames are often not very ornamental.  

These kinds of frames may have a plain border wrapped around the edges. However, sometimes they can be frameless, so the picture is protected by a pane of glass kept intact by some unobtrusive clips. 

  • Digital Frames 


Individuals want to have their numerous digital images on exhibit, so digital frames are becoming more fashionable in recent times. 

Digital frames may have a memory space, allowing you to save your pictures permanently, or they may include a memory card port instead. Moreover, these frames feature a variety of parameters that can be customised according to the user’s taste. 

  • Shadow Box Frames 

Since this frame is so deep, it’s perfect for exhibiting items that aren’t flat. These kinds of structures are commonly used to display souvenirs or emotional objects.  

The objects are kept secure within the frame, and because they are guarded behind the glass, conserved and would not acquire dust over time.  Awards, athletic mementos, baby shoes, jewellery, and plaster paw prints are common things showcased in shadow box frames. 


Now that you know a bit more about choosing the right photo frames for your home or office, you can get an idea of what to look for. Meanwhile, whether you want a classic look or something more modern, you can find a photo frame online that’s best for you. By understanding the types of picture frames, you’ll be able to choose the best one to showcase your photo. And having looked at some of the many types of picture frames available, go on and shop your heart out for the frame that will be perfect for your next photo! 

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