5 Professional Cleaning Methods for Your Lounge

How often do you clean your lounge? It’s not just the cushions or rugs that need cleaning; your lounge needs regular attention, mainly if it’s an old model with retained dirt. Here are five professional cleaning methods to keep your lounge looking new for longer.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a foolproof method when it comes to Lounge Cleaning Wollongong. Using steam as a form of deep cleansing, cleaning all furniture thoroughly can leave your lounge looking new! Our one-of-a-kind processes ensure you can relax on your spotless couch in no time. Steam cleaning has endless applications, but here are our top five.

Damp-Rug Cleaning

You can hire professional upholstery cleaning services to do some profound damage control in extreme cases. Have your couch or chairs professionally cleaned every 2-3 years—especially if you have children, pets, or messy roommates who drop crumbs often? Upholstery cleaning should be done by a professional because they’ll be able to determine which upholstery cleaning method is suitable for your fabric. They will use much safer chemicals than what you can buy at home improvement stores.

Carpet Shampoo

It’s essential to keep your carpet clean and dry so it can breathe. We recommend cleaning your carpet every 6-12 months, depending on how often you use it. Carpet shampoo is one of our most popular services because it’s a quick and easy way to get rid of spills and odors that build up over time. We use a deep-cleaning shampoo with anti-allergen agents to remove any lingering smells while ensuring no residue is left behind.

Spot cleaning with bicarbonate soda

Upholstery cleaning services can often get pricey, so looking after your cushions is essential to save money. After all, cleaning your couch is an easy process and only requires you to mix a few ingredients to achieve great results. Have bicarbonate soda on hand—or baking soda if you prefer—and plain water and dishwashing liquid. If possible, try not to use hot water or too much pressure when scrubbing at stains; warm water works best with these methods.

Following these steps will help you keep your couch clean and smelling fresh:

Use cold water to dampen a sponge or cloth, then add some of your dishwashing liquid.

Gently wipe down any dirty or stained surfaces with small circular motions.

Rinse off any soap residue with clean cold water using another sponge or cloth.

Vacuum Cleaner (Don’t forget to empty it!)

Of course, you need to clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Just be sure to use an upholstery cleaning service. They’ll have access to some of the best upholstery cleaning equipment out there, and they’ll also be able to let you know if you should pull out your expensive sofa before it gets cleaned. Otherwise, it could get damaged or dirty during its cleaning process. It would help if you also considered getting professional help for filthy couches or challenging to move around.


Even though it’s impossible to get an object like a couch completely clean, many homeowners prefer not to give up. While it is possible to complete your lounge cleaning Wollongong if you know what you’re doing, you may find that hiring professionals is a better idea. Here are 5 professional cleaning methods for your lounge!

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